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Infinity Moment Takes Everything You Know About Sword Art Online, And Turns It On Its Head | Kotaku

Richard Eisenbeis: Back when I reviewed the second half of the anime Sword Art Online, I lauded the sudden, and completely unexpected, ending of the series' first story arc.

The characters had been told that the only way to end the VR death game was to beat all one hundred floors of Sword Art Online. Yet in discovering that the guild leader Heathcliff was actually the creator of the death game in disguise Kirito was given the chance to end the game 25 floors early if he could defeat Heathcliff in a one-on-one duel.

It is at this moment that the new PSP game, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment begins. At first, the events of the battle play out exactly the same as in the anime. And then, shockingly, the scene takes a drastic turn from the story we know.''

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