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It Should Be a Crime to Be This Sinfully Dull: A Crime Edge Post

Mr. Flawfinder is not too happy regarding the first episode of Crime Edge.

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TheHergulaX2993d ago

It is odd how you got all that from only one episode, most anime are dull when watching only one episode, thats why I always watch atleast 5-10 to get a clear picture of how it is.

Nice read though.

Simon_Brezhnev2992d ago

I didnt like the show. It seems like it will be a mysterious x girlfriend but with killing.

TheHergulaX2992d ago

How do you get that from 1 episode though? Youre being way too judgmental, lets wait until atleast 5 episodes have aired to say something like that mmmkay?

Simon_Brezhnev2992d ago

They already basically told you its going to be some survival type game with the killing weapons. I had enough of survival killing animes.

Flawfinder2992d ago

Well, I don't agree with that thought. Most anime do a good job of setting up the mood within the first two episodes at max; and besides, the first episode is the hook to get viewers interested. I have seen very few anime where I hated the first episode and it got much better from there. Some did, like Tempest. Most of them don't, like Rahxephon.

CrescentFang2991d ago

Anyone here read the manga as well? Did they adapt it well?

TheHergulaX2991d ago

@Flawfinder - There is nothing you need to agree with, we just have a difference in opinion on how we choose to watch anime, nothing wrong with that. I usually stick with anime I watch the first episodes of, simply because even anime that are mediocre, are still watchable, they dont all need to be the next big thing to be enjoyable.

Flawfinder2990d ago

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to watch as much anime as I used to, so if it's not doing much for me, I drop it and move on to something better.