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Anime Fans accused of hijacking English town’s twitter ‘address’

The town of Reading, England has become the latest victim of the vile and vindictive anime fans inhabiting the Twitterverse looking for unsuspecting English towns to prey upon – or so they claim.

Recently fans of the anime series Red Data Girl took to twitter using the hashtag #RDG to discuss the series. Local Reading newspaper GetReading posted a front page news article which claims that anime fans hijacked Reading’s twitter address.

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masterabbott2992d ago

hijacking .. like REALLY! ... why would you even bother doing this?

TheHergulaX2992d ago

Wondering the same thing.

Laike2992d ago

Hey Reading, UK! Since you feel that you own the hastag #rdg, I have a bridge I want to sell you in New York!

militissanctus2992d ago

I've never heard of a hash tag getting hijacked before. Weird!

Saviior952992d ago

What makes me laugh is that because there is nothing good happening in Reading, THIS MADE FRONT PAGE!

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