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Aku no Hana First Impressions - Anime Say!

Luke Halliday writes:

"This week on Anime Say! I’m back with some first impressions of the Aku no Hana anime. Aku no Hana is based off a fairly popular manga so I went in with an open mind, but maybe not open enough. What did I think of Aku no Hana? Watch below to find out."

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masterabbott3166d ago

This anime is completely horrible the review for this is SPOT ON! Avoid at all costs!

Simon_Brezhnev3165d ago

I dont mind the 3d but i dont like the stile i dropped it within 15 minutes.

ManDemon3166d ago

Th vacant eyed stare of the character says it all.

TheHergulaX3165d ago

Havnt even read about this anime... good for me then... I guess

CrescentFang3165d ago

I would think most people would not like it. I read the manga (I think I'll wait and see how the BDs look before watching) and the MC (Kasuga iirc) is not really likeable. The complex character interactions and story get pretty complicated and can become annoying.
The manga isn't even done yet, so this anime will not end with a conclusive ending.

TheHergulaX3165d ago

Seems like a project that was set on failing...

CrescentFang3165d ago

I read up more about this, it looks like they made it like this on purpose. The director originally wanted to make a live-action adaptation, but wasn't allowed to. He didn't even want to make the anime adaptation. (I guess his higher ups did). It even seems like the mangaka was ok with this (though from what I can tell, if he can make this twisted story then I suppose he's crazy too). I'll stick with the manga... it's unfortunate how some anime adaptations aren't good as the manga (which actually happens more often than I though)

Subby3165d ago

This great, that eery trailer wasn't trying to set a was hiding the animation.

plmkoh3165d ago

I thought it was bloody brilliant, Suburban Japan is exactly like that, they captured it so well.

futurefrog3165d ago

that is because they rotoscoped it