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"Gatchaman Crowds" Anime Announced

Classic Superhero anime who debuted in the 70s, Gatchaman, will return this 2013 dubbed as "Gatchaman Crowds". The anime has been popular in other region in different titles and in the Philippines it's known as G-Force. NTV Television channel have released a teaser site, etched in the home page is a possible release of the anime which might be this April.

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wishingW3L2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I don't quite remember exactly but I think this was the very first anime I watched when I was a kid every morning before going to school. But I feel like it there was another one that I just can't remember about...

Simon_Brezhnev2989d ago

i dont remember this coming on when i was a kid. You might be older who nows. All i can remember is ducktales and some others before going to school. I have to see a list because i might not even know if some of them was anime or not. lol