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Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ants Designs and Cast Revealed

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine featured the recurring Hunter x Center column which has been known to reveal big news for the Hunter x Hunter anime in the past.

This time Hunter x Center revealed several character designs for the upcoming Chimera Ants arc in the Hunter x Hunter anime series as well as some casting announcements.

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futurefrog2998d ago

I cant believe they are putting Soul Eater as the voice of Meruem, great choice!

militissanctus2997d ago

Huh. Wow, I never figured they'd implement some of that stuff.

Simon_Brezhnev2997d ago

I just hope he starts the manga again. I dont want them doing fillers after this arc.

futurefrog2997d ago

I completely agree with you Simon_Brezhnev. Hopefully no bullshit fillers.

Trunkz Jr2997d ago

Been waiting many years for this, almost feels too good to be true...

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