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Anime Girl of the Week: Akane Isshiki (Vividred Operation)

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"This week I’m going to break the rules a little bit by focusing on a girl from a series that actually ended two weeks ago, but thanks to the various events that have occurred I was unable to provide this one last week. As such, you can expect the first girl from the Spring 2013 anime season to appear in next week’s Anime Girl of the Week."

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Pushagree2983d ago

She clearly hasn't even hit puberty yet. This is sick.

LinkageAX2979d ago

You're sick. Here's a bucket.

futurefrog2985d ago

Gotta love that ass haha

koga882985d ago

In the end the series was literally focused so much on the girls' butts that it was hard not to notice. One of the last scenes is a close up of Akane's ass again on her motorbike. Seems all of the fan art is of that sort of thing as well.

Subby2984d ago

Ahh Vividbutts. Wakaba was the best.

TheHergulaX2984d ago

Why ohhh why, These pics are unresistable, Like am I the only one who clicks the "Read Full Story" because of the ass?

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