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Marvel Comics Anime Series And Movies- Stan Lee Made A Good Decision

"Stan Lee had his top marvel comic book series become anime such as X-men, Blade the vampire and wolverine and lets not forget the Iron Man. Stan Lee wants his series to be kept alive and what better way to keep a comic book series alive than to turn it into an anime. It is better drawn, the plot is more exciting and it gets more attention. Beside the films that Disney licensed, the marvel franchise as been able to stay alive for as long as stan lee has lived. George Lucas has also been trying to keep his series alive, that is why he teamed up with Disney."

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Simon_Brezhnev2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

X-men was crap.
Wolverine was good.
Blade was good until the ending.
Iron Man was ok.

Disney pretty much ruined the cartoon side of marvel. They should just like Lionsgate do the rest of the animation movies.

I would love to see Hulk anime. I really want to see that good animation of him destroying everything.