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6 Games To Play In Preparation For Moving To Japan

TechnoBuffalo: ''Living in Japan is the best choice I’ve ever made. I’ve moved beyond five years out here, and I still have to do a double take at least once a day when I catch a glimpse of something out of the ordinary.

Don’t listen to the squabbling naysayers about the impenetrable culture. Japan is an everyday place with everyday problems, and it’s a world of fun for people who are fans of the culture, be it anime, video games, history, robots, food, or whatever, really.

As long as you have realistic expectations and don’t think you’ll find samurai still roaming the lands, you can set up a nice life out here. If you’re thinking of moving, I’ll be more than happy to give you a few pointers. Of course, those pointers come in the form of a few video games that depict the country the most accurately.''

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TheHergulaX2992d ago

Haha, awesome article, I enjoyed every word.

BTW, Earths Defence Force is wicked awesome, let the haters hate.