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Persona 4 is the JRPG I’ve Always Wanted, But Never Knew Existed

IGN: ''In recent years I feel like I’ve developed this weird love/hate relationship with the JRPG genre. I take huge delight in exploring the gorgeous, expansive worlds they provide, I revel in the charming melodrama, and I love the strategy found in their (usually) complex battle-systems. However, like many others, I’ve long since hit that point where it seems that too many high profile Japanese developers are sticking too readily to tried and tested conventions and not taking enough risks in furthering their art.''

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Yi-Long2981d ago

... that they haven't released this game with the option for the original japanese voices :(

Really want to play this game. Might even consider buying a Vita for it. But not when it only comes with an English dub.

Saviior952981d ago

Is the Dub really that bad?

I remember playing Persona 3 & 4 on the PS2 and the Dubs were perfectly fine, although I would of preferred Subbed it still wasn't too bad.

Yi-Long2981d ago

... I want to enjoy my entertainment in the original language, whenever possible.

Saviior952980d ago

Fair enough but if it comes to the point of refusing to play the game it just becomes you being Stubborn, even with the English Voices it is still a brilliant game.