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Infinite Stratos Review | Capsule Computers

Kane Bugeja:
Infinite Stratos began as a light novel series written by Izuru Yumizuru, with illustrations provided by Okiura, though the mantle of illustrator has since been taken up by CHOCO. The series itself is a harem romantic comedy…that also happens to include mechs. Somewhat of a shift from other mech anime, focusing on romance more than robotic combat but hey, why not?

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F-Inglese-942993d ago

It actually looks good but the whole harem thing is probably a deal breaker for me.

Subby2993d ago

The harem makes the show! Although if you want harem there's better alternatives.

Houki>Linying>Charlotte in that order.

Simon_Brezhnev2992d ago

Its a harem but its horribly bad. One of the worst harems i seen.