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The Visual Evolution of the Anime Game

Gaming Illustrated: ''Anime is popular all over the world. It is something so distinctly Asian, yet resonates with people everywhere with its melodrama, over-the-top action and infrequent comedy. One quality that is ubiquitous among all animes is the visual element. Character designs and the fluidity of action is handled with the utmost care and work ethic.

Unfortunately, games created from these great sources have had trouble replicating the source materials and have been confined to just a few game types. The most common of these are fighters, which make the most of the action-packed comics and cartoons. These fighters allows fans to live out their own power fantasies with their favorite characters. As consoles have increased in power, developers have taken advantage to create some incredible images that please fans and authors alike. We take a look at a select few animes with their games throughout the years.''

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