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Top 15 Wimpiest Anime Characters

The Awesome Critics: ''Alright, now, let’s put something straight: this is a list of the top ten wimpiest characters: by that I don’t mean the weakest in terms of strengths, the worst in terms of character design or the most disappointing characters; by wimpiest I mean the characters that had a lot going for them and took every opportunity evade their responsibilities for worthless reasons and managed to run away despite everything.

Basically, these are characters you spend a huge part of the series asking yourself: Why the hell doesn’t he do something instead of constantly complain / cry / abandons all hope? Now: keep in mind this is my opinion, if you have any other ideas – tell them in the comments, there might be a follow up to this list if I missed something.''

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TheHergulaX2976d ago

NIce list, very enjoyable to read and I like the order, though I do not agree. It is an opinion piece so it makes sense.

ExCest2976d ago

More like Shoe should be #1.

Even though I'm in the minority that actually enjoyed Guilty Crown.

xilence2976d ago

I'd vote Sakura from Naruto, but in Shippuden she's a badass mini-Tsunade, so.

Simon_Brezhnev2976d ago

OK list. Where is Remus from Guin Saga. Is is a million times worse than Shu. Just about all harems got some wimpy characters.