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Toriko: Part 4 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"The Toriko experience has certainly been an interesting one so far. Since FUNimation began releasing the series at the beginning of the year, anime fans have had a chance to experience a shonen series unlike any I’ve personally seen before. One focused almost entirely around food. Now while Part 3 of the release was more combat oriented compared to the first two releases, does Toriko: Part 4 bring monster slaying, ingredient hunting and food back to the forefront while also keeping the show interesting?"

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futurefrog2973d ago

I really think Toriko is just not good

F-Inglese-942973d ago

It does seem interesting though or is it just a mass of quirk?

masterabbott2973d ago

i dissagree its an awesome anime!

Gamefan122973d ago

reading manga not watching the anime. There are parts that are interesting and many parts that are annoying. It isn't great but worth to keep reading for fun.

For two good ones:


Simon_Brezhnev2973d ago

I like Kindgom but Magician got some way more annoying parts. I guess the annoying parts is probably Komatsu. lol

Magician if you talking about the webcomic Iremi is annoying.