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Idolm@ster Shiny Festa released in English… on iOS

The Idolm@ster games have finally made it to the West, but not for any major console, instead we have it on the iOS.

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militissanctus3445d ago

...the iOS? *sigh*. Definitely not my platform of choice.

koga883445d ago

And in one moment, the hopes of an actual Idolm@ster release in the West on consoles died. You have to be kidding me here. This isn't even funny... I would have bought them on the PSP digitally and played it on the Vita or something, but not on the iOS... and not for freaking $55...

futurefrog3445d ago

That price is outrageous. Wtf namco?

masterabbott3444d ago

Seems like namco are pulling a Square Enix charing crazy prices for games that should only be $1-$3 max

RockmanII73444d ago

And when it fails it's because no one in the west wants an idolm@ster game.