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When was the last time you watched Pokemon ?

Animeblogreviews: "Because I think you should pick it up again, at least for one specific part of the Best Wishes season… the episodes of the N series. If you played the Black and White games, you already must be familiar with N. He’s an awesome character who brings unusual depths to the show."

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Yi-Long3386d ago

... but here in Holland, it's dubbed in Dutch, so I pretty much stay away with that, and I would also stay away from the english dub.

I think I'd watch it if it was available in the original language. The few times I watched the Dutch version I thought it looked nice and it was entertaining.

And yeah, I'm 36, and yeah, I'm aware I'm not the 'target-audience' and that are are lots of cool other anime around. I watch those as well, but I enjoy a wide range of things (be it tv-shows, movies, comics/books, whatever) and for me, that works just fine.

DELETED2743386d ago

Imagine if they were to make a jump in time and Ash is 20... it would be so awesome. They would bring back almost 2 generations.

DELETED2743386d ago

Hopefully not too much.. :p

coolbeans3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

It's been years and years for me. :/

Simon_Brezhnev3386d ago

Same for me I think its been over 10 years.

coolbeans3386d ago

I think you and I should watch a marathon together so we can be caught up. :D

Simon_Brezhnev3386d ago

LOl, i dont think will. I heard Ashe is still not the best trainer and didnt even age.

wishingW3L3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

haven't seen it since the orange league and people tell me that it still hasn't changed a bit. Like one huge deja-vu event.

deep_fried_bum_cake3386d ago

I stopped watching it around the gold and silver sort of time period. But I watched the first season of it last year before deciding that I wasn't going to continue.

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The story is too old to be commented.