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Funimations Delays 2nd Is This a Zombie? Season By 2 Months

Anime News Network: ''According to The Anime Corner Store, North American distributor Funimation has pushed back the DVD collection of Is This a Zombie? of the Dead, the second season of the comedy anime Is This a Zombie?, from July 16 to September 24.''

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bb14z3566d ago

Damn that's a shame, but usually Funimation has good reasons for doing things like this. Might be they are trying to get a hold of a couple extra features, or they may be touching up certain frames for a solid picture/sound quality on either the DVD or Blu-Ray release.

Or they may want to advertise it more. They may be releasing something else and don't want their two products to compete against each other [or another release]. I don't blame them for wanting a higher return value on their releases.

In any case, there is usually a good reason and I have faith in Funimation. In fact- I'd say Funimation is one of the best companies (in the entertainment industry) that I have seen in terms of treating their customers well and giving them bang for their buck.