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5 More Anime That Should Be On Toonami

Unleash The Fanboy: ''About 2 months ago I did a little list called 5 Anime That Should Be On Toonami. In it, I ran down a list of 5 anime I thought would be best suited to be on Cartoon Network’s resurrected anime block. Me being a total idiot forgot a few outstanding anime series that would also fit in Toonami’s schedule, and with One Piece’s return this month, allow me to petition 5 more anime for Toonami consideration.''

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D3acon2964d ago

good list with variety. however toonami is not going to show anything that is in simulcast and doesn't have an English dubb.

ExCest2963d ago

I don't see a reason to show Fate/Zero without showing the first season first.

And I don't think Mirai Nikki will bode well with the media on public television. I mean, it has EXTREMELY mature themes and images.

The others, hell, why not?

GillHarrison2963d ago

Attack on Titan is a must on Toonami after it's dubbed. Easily recommendable to non-anime fans and would fit perfectly in the Adult Swim/Toonami line-up.

Saviior952963d ago

Wish the UK had a channel for anime :(

deep_fried_bum_cake2963d ago

Same. I don't really watch TV often any more but if they would bring back Toonami for us then I'd make an effort to watch it.

ApolloTheBoss2963d ago

Persona 4? YES. Fukken YES.

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The story is too old to be commented.