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The Book of Bantorra Part I Review [Capsule Computers]

Kane Bugeja writes:

Set in a fantasy world full of magical abilities, The Book of Bantorra is one of those anime series that delves into some serious issues. It looks into the truth of people and whether one person’s desires mean more than another’s. Bantorra is an interesting, inherently dark series. It tends to focus on the corruption of the world and how selfish desire, whilst possibly providing happiness for one, can damage it and the people within. Since each person knows they will become a book, a lot of focus is placed on them creating an interesting life story. Essentially the show acts as a commentary on life and how people act and how this is amplified in a world where you’re life can be shown in full to anyone. A series in which every person is literally their own story it begs the questions that if every man is an island, then what is their place in the world?

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F-Inglese-942960d ago

Very interesting anime. I like her Ham-huts! ;)