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Is the Criticism of Aku no Hana Justified?

AnimeNation: ''Since the anime production industry doesn’t produce too many of these sort of unusual, experimental shows each year, otaku tend to have high expectations for the instances that do get released. I’m personally in that exact sort of situation as a fan. I’ve watched all five broadcast episodes of Aku no Hana, so far, and feel compelled to continue watching the program because it’s likely to be one of the most unusual and provocative anime of the year.''

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Shadonic2524d ago

This made me laugh so hard, I agree.

Flavor2524d ago

Considering most anime fans are complete bumhugs who love to complain about stuff they watch for free, I don't put much stock in their criticism.

I gave up on new anime years ago after it went downhill so fast, and only discovered this show (which is awesome) because of the hate it received online. Thanks guys.

Cirran2524d ago

Agreed. I don't just like it cause other people hate it though. Its just a decent show.

Shadonic2524d ago

I also agree with this :)

JC_Denton2524d ago

When the anime fanbase is mainly interested in shows like Angel Beats, High School of the Dead, and "generic sexualized twelve year old slice of life show #43", and hating on the ending of Evangelion (the only anime series I believe deserves to be taken somewhat seriously other than NHK), criticism of anything is usually moronic to un-educated on the subject.

koga882525d ago

The two above have said what I'm going to say, so YES.

uuaschbaer2524d ago Show
EastMeetsWestEnt2524d ago

I quite like watching It to be honest.

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