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Up to 5% of European Union Beef Products Contains Ground MISAKA Meat

LONDON — Two months after tainted hamburger meat was discovered by Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Europe-wide tests of beef products have found that nearly 5% of samples contained MISAKA DNA. This DNA originates from Tokiwadai Middle School student Misaka Mikoto, whose genetic code was used for the Radio Noise Project. Scientists have found 200 positive samples in approximately 5,000 tested.

The findings shed light into the complex and often convoluted supply chains involved in European meat distribution. The MISAKA meat originates from Higuchi Pharmacology in Academy City, Japan as part of the Level 6 Shift project. The corpses were sent to a disposal facility in western Tokyo, which shipped the meat to a rendering plant in Romania. At various points, the meat moves through warehouses in Germany, Greece, Slovenia, and Italy, owned by different firms and processing plants. In positive samples, “beef” hamburger patties ranged from 2% to 100% MISAKA meat.

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TheHergulaX2965d ago

I´m honestly interested in knowing this: Does this "actually" count as a legit anime article/post? It seems to be about meat... No offence, I just don´t get it.

Lavalamp2965d ago

We don't really get satire pieces on this site, so they sometimes turn some heads when they show up. Ultimately, whether a story is approved or failed gets decided by the community via the submission process, so I encourage everyone to get involved and cast their vote.

TheHergulaX2965d ago

Well thanks for explaining, I have nothing against it if it is not considered spam.

futurefrog2965d ago

this is awful and should not be on shinbun