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Heaven’s Memo Pad Review [Capsule Computers]

Sergei Lazarev of Capsule Computers writes:

NEET. A member of society who is Not in Education, Employment or Training. Many of us at some stage in life probably know that guy, the guy who dropped out or finished high school only to do nothing with themselves. It’s frowned upon enough in Japan for there to be a term for it – a NEET. It took this long for an anime to come out and put a positive spin on the otherwise derogatory term and Heaven’s Memo Pad, known as Kamisama no Memochou in Japan, does just this.

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ExCest3548d ago

This show was really good and I liked how dark it was.

This was probably the second least moe-centric show by JC Staff that I've watched. And maybe the darkest, dealing with the gutter of society and whatnot.