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BlazBlue Anime Adaption — Why It’ll Be Bad

The Entire Ranch: ''I won’t say I’ve watched every video game anime adaption ever, beacuse I haven’t, so if there’s something that’s legitimiately good out there, feel free to let me know how much of a faggot I am for not having played and/or watched it. Now, I don’t love or hate BlazBlue. I’m fairly neutral about it, other than the fact that I hate how Noel is fanboyed to the moon, but I won’t get into that here.''

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Simon_Brezhnev2947d ago

I guess you dont know how deep Blazblue story is. I mean im not saying it wont be bad but they got enough material for 12 episodes maybe more if they include Continuum Shift.

Lavalamp2947d ago

I already posted this over on N4G, but I guess it bears repeating. It's not like the narrative in the franchise is conveyed through the gameplay. Like a lot of fighting games, BlazBlue's story is primarily told through text in dialogue scenes akin to visual novels. And since visual novels are a major go-to for anime source material, I don't see the disconnect. For BlazBlue, the problem isn't that it's an anime adaption of a game, but rather the sheer amount of inane animu writing that's got to be translated into a 1/2-cour series. But in the hands of talent who thrive on this sort of thing, the anime has the potential to be something really enjoyable. Hideki Tachibana and Tatsuya Takahashi might not have the most assuring track record on these sort of projects, but I'm certainly willing to put a degree of faith in Deko Akao's script.