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Anime of the Past: Interstella 5555

oprainfall writes:

“Before you ask me what Daft Punk has to do with anime…well, what some otaku might not know is that ten years ago, they had just released an impressive project. When Thomas and Guy-Manuel were young, they were both huge fans of Captain Harlock, an old-school space opera created by Leiji Matsumoto, one of anime’s finest directors. Soon after they recorded Discovery, the duo approached their childhood hero with their brilliant concept.

“To Daft Punk’s surprise, and to fans’ delight, Matsumoto became the band’s visual director, putting out anime-themed music videos for the album’s first four tracks. This would set the stage for the rest of Interstella 5555, giving it an episodic feel, with a (99%) dialogue-less production that makes viewers focus on the impressive fusion of Daft Punk’s music and Matsumoto’s visuals. But this ‘Animated House Musical’ is far from a Fantasia wannabe, as it tells a simple yet compelling space tale that just so happens to also be critical towards the entertainment industry.”

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