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Spirited Away Anime Legend Hayao Miyazaki Celebrates 25 Years Of Studio Ghibli

Metro: ''He is ‘the world’s greatest living animator’, according to Toy Story creator and Disney/Pixar boss John Lasseter, whose hit film Up was inspired by Miyazaki’s delicate, joyful, hand-drawn cartoons.

Acclaimed by adults and adored by children, the anime created by Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli is characterised by progressive feminism, environmentalism, a resistance to simplistic good versus evil dynamics and an impossible cuteness.

To mark this week’s 25th anniversary theatrical reissue of his huggable My Neighbour Totoro and the harrowing anti-war drama Grave Of The Fireflies, here’s a bento box trio of Miyazaki’s other must-see delights.''

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