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Naruto Shippuden June 2013 Schedule

Saiyan Island: ''The June 2013 schedule for Naruto Shippuden is here and it brings us four episodes of our favorite orange-clad knucklehead ninja. For the fourth month in a row, we will be watching fillers by Naruto Shippuden’s animation house, Studio Pierrot. Take a look at the June 2013 Schedule below.''

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Simon_Brezhnev2942d ago

smh im glad i stopped watching it 2 years ago. They do fillers for the hell of it. When Naruto is done they will continue to do fillers. Probably have another spin off.

VitaOwner2941d ago

Soo glad I read the manga primarily. Why are they still doing fillers?? The manga is soooo far ahead of the anime.

pompombrum2941d ago

Episode 317 and 318 don't sound too bad. Torune never did get much showing time and seeing how he belongs to the same clan as Shino, it could be an interesting episode.

Likewise, so very little is known about some of the Jinchuriki that it would be pretty cool to see them focus some filler attention on building up those characters a bit.

lildudexst2941d ago

Another filler month seem like they gearing up for very very long session of the war.only right.

aDDicteD2939d ago

Filler month again.. I wonder if july would also be a filler month.