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Review: Highschool of the Dead [East Meets West Entertainment]

With Highschool of the Dead set to make it’s return after a long period on hiatus, Cameron decided to take a look back at where it all began and give you his thoughts on the original TV anime series that launched back in 2010.

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blitzburns42940d ago

BOOYAH! Definitely one of the best anime from 2010. Amazing review, Cameron. I agree with you completely.

Sandmano2940d ago

Hmm might have to watch this.

ExCest2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

For the fanservice or the zombie/action story?

From my experience, the show is 65% ecchi and 35% zombie/action, contrary to what the review says as a "bit more on the ecchi side..."

The show put A LOT of gore right on top of many, many panties and large, obstructive breasts so if that's your thing (let me say it again, LOTS OF BLOOD AND GORE ON PARTIAL NUDITY)...

BUT! The show was actually good in my eyes but would have been excellent (as a zombie/action) had they loosened up on the ecchi (or better yet, removed. It was disgusting at times) and just focused on the story.

andron2940d ago

I liked it, but the fan service got a little much at times...

blitzburns42939d ago

Yeah...I found this a shame because the characters are so damn good.