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Time of Eve Kickstarter is skyrocketing to success

Japanator writes: "The folks behind the web OVA Time of Eve launched a Kickstarter to test the waters for an English-language release of the Time of Eve film. The OVA originally streamed on Yahoo! Japan in 2008, followed by Crunchyroll, and a few years later heard some demand for a disc-based release outside of Japan. The film, according to the folks at Studio Rikka, is substantially different and more in-depth than the OVAs that aired.

With a modest goal of $18,000, the Kickstarter launched. Studio Rikka themselves are behind the launch, which explains the lower-than-normal cost for an anime Kickstarter, and they've seen resounding success. As of right now, the Kickstarter is above $67,000 dollars, and they still have 25 days to go.

Once the project passed its original goal, they added the stretch goal of $50,000 to include an English dub. That's well past now, and we'll see just how much further it can climb over the next three weeks. Who knows, maybe there'll be even more...

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SynGamer3533d ago

Watched all 6 OVA episodes of Time of Eve yesterday. Loved it! I came across the Kickstarter campaign and checked the show out on Crunchyroll. With how much funding they are getting I really hope that helps them bring us a sequel :D

coolbeans3532d ago

Hmmm...looks quite interesting. Congrats to the Kickstarter success.

r213532d ago

Time of Eve was one good anime. Shame there's only 6 eps. Really wanna find out more bout this cafe, the universe and the characters in it.

SynGamer3532d ago

That's exactly how I feel after watching it. I read that the movie adds a few scenes for background story. I really hope the extra money they make from the kickstarter helps bring us a sequel.

r213532d ago

I hope it does. That universe needs to be explored more. Especially considering the last ep reveal.