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Fairy Fencer F’s teaser trailer gives us a glimpse at Tiara

The first teaser trailer for Fairy Fencer F has given us a glimpse at how the character Tiara will look in action.

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koga882631d ago

Unfortunately it looks a lot like Neptunia right there... I mean I love the neptunia games but I was hoping that Compile Heart would branch out a bit more. Hopefully details down the line will diversify this game from the rest of their catalog.

Subby2631d ago

The battle system and engine look identical, but from the stunning character art it seems fresh. I feel the team want to do something different but simply don't have the technical know-how to make it completely new.

koga882631d ago

I'll admit that the art work is nice. They've been using the Neptunia designs for awhile and I guess this is the first little bit of footage so far, so judging it on this would be dumb but it is concerning for those hoping for a new experience.