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One Piece's Captain Law Clothing Pre-Orders

Frank Inglese Writes:

The Official online Premium Bandai store, on Wednesday, began taking orders for a whole bunch of new apparel themed around Pirate Captain Trafalgar Law from Eiichiro Oda’s world renown Manga One Piece. If you’ve every wanted to look like a stylish, neo-pirate now is your chance!

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koga882936d ago

Well if you're a fan of the guy, it's a one stop shop for some pretty good cosplay material. You wouldn't even need the earrings, belt, or pants, just the trench coat and the hat would be enough. Though that's about $300 for a cosplay outfit... dunno how much outfits usually run though so can't really judge.

deep_fried_bum_cake2936d ago

Damn I want that stuff. Too damn expensive though.

Simon_Brezhnev2936d ago

Well he does got the best character design in all of One Piece.

c0nflikt2935d ago

GTFO,I don't get why people love him so much. He's pretty much the sasuke of one piece.

silvacrest2935d ago

what? please dont compare him to sasuke, law does not have d!ck riders in the show, hes just a guy doing his thing without moaning constantly

Simon_Brezhnev2935d ago

LOL i never said he was the best character i said best character design there is a big difference. I dont even see how you can even compare him to Sasuke. I liked Law way before the time skip. I think your salty that Naruto and Sasuke teammed back up and you need something to do about that anger. lol