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Top 10 FMVs/AMVS On YouTube

"Since people began to discover how to edit videos with video editing software programs such as Windows movie make or Pinnacle Studio, people have made these artistic and remarkable things known as FMVs. What is an FMV? FMV stands for Fan Made Video, what these videos are are a combination of scenes from ones favorite anime series along with music of there personal choice that best personifies what they feel for that show. In short its making a music video with there favorite anime as a form of fan fiction as well as other fandoms outside of anime. It has be Now today I want to share with you the top ten FMVs ever to have hit YouTube that I feel have inspired me and I could relate to a s fan. Some are touching, funny, intense, weird, and some are just straight up epic!. I also want to thank the people that made these videos and encourage you all to subscribe to there channels and to make an FMV of your own if you so choose."

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iamlegend99992936d ago

Lol this guy has terrible taste in amv's. Even i make better ones.

networkandy2936d ago

If you think so then show me I would lke to see

networkandy2936d ago

may hats off to you man I admire your editing its quiet remarkable specially the one for [Mep] Inside [full]