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FUNimation Goes Nostalgic With Broadcast Version Of "Dragon Ball Z"

Crunchyroll: ''FUNimation has notified retailers that they're adding a new special edition release of the original broadcast version of Dragon Ball Z to the schedule.''

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FullmetalAlchemist2936d ago

Do want! This will go great with all my Dragon Boxes... but what about episodes 54-291 are those going to be released later?

Archaic2935d ago

Given that this is talking about how it has the original Canadian voice actors, I'm guessing this is the extent of the release. Just the set of episodes and movies that they dubbed.

kingPoS2935d ago

Man! I sure miss Ian James Corlett in DBZ. ^_~ He fit the role damn sooo well.

Saturday mornings were so fun back then. [sighs nostalgically]

swishersweets200312935d ago

Dragonball Z is beast. They got these figuarts action figures that are amazing looking.