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The Idolm@ster series general producer: “Look forward to info on a console game release”


Namco Bandai Games’s general producer for The Idolm@ster series, Yozo Sakagami, appeared as a special guest on Sega’s Samurai & Dragons Fan Meeting 2013 Summer event in Akihabara held earlier today.

He was there mostly to talk about the Im@s collaboration card pack that Sega announced today for Samurai & Dragons, which is a pretty big deal if you’re a fan of both The Idolm@ster and Samurai & Dragons. But, you know, Samurai & Dragons isn’t exactly released worldwide (only in Asia and Japan). Plus the two franchises couldn’t be more different from one another.

If you’re an Idolm@ster fan, I wouldn’t blame you at all if the collaboration card pack announcement might as well be moot to you.

But fortunately, that’s not all Sakagami talked about at Sega’s event.

At the tail end of The Idolm@ster X Samurai & Dragons segment, Sakagami once again teased a little about what Im@s fans might be able to look forward to further down the line: a full-fledged Idolm@ster console game release.

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