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Cross-Dressing Idol Manga Dolly Kanon Gets Live-Action Show

ANN writes: "Yu Yabuuchi's shōjo idol manga Dolly Kanon is inspring a live-action series this summer. The story follows Sōshi Okuda (pictured left in poster), a middle school boy who finds himself in girl's clothes and singing. The resulting video was uploaded to the Internet, and Sōshi suddenly becomes Kanon (center in poster), the bishōjo super idol.

The July issue of Shogakukan's Ciao magazine announced on Monday that 16-year-old actress Haori Takahashi (Perfect Blue) will play the dual roles of Sōshi Okuda and Kanon. 19-year-old 2011 Miss Magazine Semi-Grand Prix winner Mika Ayano (Lesson of Evil, Atsui zo! Nekogaya!!) will play the heroine Kokone Shishido (left in poster). Real-life idol singer Kanon Nanaki will play the established female idol Remi."

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