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Square Enix’s ‘Agni’s Philosophy’ Listed On Amazon UK, Amazon FR As PS4 Title

EGMNOW: ''“Agni’s Philosophy”—Square Enix’s E3 2013 tech-demo that showcased their next-gene Luminous engine—has appeared on Amazon UK and Amazon France as a PlayStation 4 listing.''

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koga881961d ago

Been burned too many times by Square lately. Until the game's fully announced I'll be assuming that Agni's Philosophy is an iOS/Android social game involving trading cards and micro transactions.

Simon_Brezhnev1961d ago

I know right i have no faith in them.

uuaschbaer1961d ago

There are 40 different DLC endings, Agni has no faults because that would be sexist and it's a fps to cater to the western market. Also it's only released in Japan.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1961d ago

Very interesting VersusXIII got taken off amazon and this gets put up. Could they be the same game? Or has SE got more games than we thought in the works? Either way very excited