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"Fairy Tail" Author Teases Upcoming Announcement

Crunchyroll: ''Fairy Tail manga author Hiro Mashima has some good news that he wanted to share with his English speaking fans, but it isn't quite ready yet. For now, he's Tweeting, again in English, "Please wait until next week. You will be surprised."''

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iamlegend99992584d ago

Dude i know it can't be the anime. The anime just ended. So i'm guessing he's gonna announce some more OVA's or something.

Simon_Brezhnev2584d ago

Probably the movie to english or something.

Saviior952584d ago

Why would it be any of that, hes saying it will be a surprise, most likely Gray isnt Dead, thats it.

shadowraiden2584d ago

you didnt read the article then did you.
this is new for english fans so it has something to do with the western market not the actual manga.

its clear what is going to happen Gray will die or be close to death and Ultear will use her ancient time magic to exchange her life for his due to her not wanting to live anymore.

Saviior952584d ago

Just because he Tweeted in English does not mean it is just going to be for us, loads of people were tweeting him saying stuff like WTF happened.

So he could of just been replying to those guys, its not like Crunchroll knows anymore than we do.

OJSoFunky2580d ago

Why in the world would he announce that on twitter, it would ruin the story

Gregard2584d ago

just some food for thought: Next week is also the E3 show... so... it might be a fairy tail game related announcement?

Saviior952578d ago

*Cough Cough* Told you. *Cough Cough*