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The Top 5 Anime For The 20′s, 30′s And 40′s Demographic According To Shueisha

Anime has always been a part of modern Japanese culture. Its appeal has reached all demographics, from men and women to the young and old.

Shueisha, publisher of Weekly Shounen Jump, Margaret, Bessatsu Margaret, Weekly Young Jump, Jump SQ and Super Jump, has recently conducted a survey on which anime is popular among the 20′s, 30′s and 40′s demographics. They asked about 1000 men over the internet and here are the results.

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CLOUD19833518d ago

DBZ will always be No1 ^__^

Simon_Brezhnev3518d ago

Not really One Piece surpass DBZ in manga sales and breaking records. The anime aint all that though the manga is better.

Hokuto No Ken will always be number 1. Where you think most of DBZ moves and the fast fighting comes from.

CLOUD19833517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

WTF r u saying retard DB manga first start at 84 & it ends at 95 in total last for 10,5 years "One Turd" start 97 & it's still on going that's 16+ years & if u want to talk sales tell me how many DVD OP sold? can u compare it with the total sales of DVD/BD DBZ sold? also how many games exist for OP? can u compare it with the total number of games made for DBZ? also in how many languages OP translated can u compare it with the over all appeal DBZ have all over the world? which of the 2 is more recognizable/popular? u just compare manga sales & only in JPN who the fck cares about OP seriously don't put that sh1t next to DB it doesn't even deserve to be compared with the Best/Greatest Shonen manga ever created the one who started it all & the one every1 copy trying to mimic some of it's success DB status is LEGENDARY there is nothing to compare with it, THE END.

Ginn3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

DBZ = Incredibly boring and overrated.

Fight scenes consist of 2-frame animations and lots of yelling (SSJ3 Goku's 5 minute long scream comes to mind) with very little creative choreography. That, plus a slew of poor/mediocre games and one-off movies.

Numbers =/= Quality

Simon_Brezhnev3517d ago

LOL, One Piece highest selling manga series of all time in Japan with over 290 million copies sold.

I said DBZ copied a lot of stuff from Hokuto No Ken no matter how you try to spin it. DBZ story is pretty much crap no matter what you say. Just because its famous doesnt mean its great. Just so you know in Japan manga sales mean a lot more than dvd/blu-ray sales.

Since you brought sales Dragonball been out for over 30 years. Yet One Piece broke just about all its records with half the time. It's the fastest selling manga.