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Are Anime Shorts Series Actually Worth Your Time?

Anime Viking writes:

If you have been following the currently airing anime seasons these past few years you may have noticed that since roughly a year ago there has been an increase in a new type of anime: the three-minute anime series.

Do you care for this type of anime, or do you hate them? Tell us what you think!

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Marow3508d ago

Or, "How about you go watch Teekyuu and Plastic Nee-san?"!

eclectified3506d ago

I had no idea there were super short series like this. I know I'll get a lot of flack for this, but I generally don't like watching subtitled content, because I can't appreciate the artwork and sometimes I have to rewind to catch the text, so it takes away from the immersion.

I have tried to learn Japanese in the past, so I could enjoy anime the way it was intended, but my desire to learn is governed by my wallet, and free resources haven't served me as well as I would like.

Having watched the first episode of Recorder to Randoseru, it seems like it would be a fun and not overwhelming way to break into learning some basic Japanese, provided they're all like this. The dialog is bite-size so I didn't feel like I couldn't keep up. I even recognized some of the Japanese I picked up messing around with those free language resources.

At the very least, maybe I'll improve my ability to tolerate subtitled anime.


TLDR - Short version:
Don't like subtitles.
Failed at learning Japanese.
Short anime series = good way to learn basic Japanese.