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Mewtwo: Prologue To The Awakening First Trailer

Frank Inglese Writes:

In the lead up to the next big Pokemon Movie – Extremespeed Genesect: The Awakening of Mewtwo – the official Pokemon website, on Wednesday, began streaming a teaser trailer for a new two hour long anime special called Mewtwo: Prologue To The Awakening which is exactly how it sounds; it’s basically an origins story after the initial origins story (Pokemon The Movie). This new movie is said to set itself in the life of Mewtwo between it’s prolonged appearances between movies. The trailer shows him fighting Generation 5 Pokemon, using them to train and actually transforming to beat a few of them which shows that maybe Mewtwo wasn’t as strong as he was before, I suppose we’ll find out what really went on once the movie is released.

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