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The Devil is a Part Timer Review - Anime Say!

This week on Anime Say! I’m back with my thoughts of the Devil is a Part Timer anime. Devil is a Part Timer is a comedy anime that follows the Demon King as he gets a part time job at MgRonalds. It is a bizarre concept to say the very least, so what did I think of Devil is a Part Timer? Watch below to find out.

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koga883246d ago

This show had to be my favorite one of the 2013 spring anime season. Sure I liked the cute girls shows to but this one was consistently great without any bad episodes. It is almost impossible to find something that will keep a high level of quality throughout its broadcast but Maou-sama really managed to pull through.

futurefrog3246d ago

definitely my fave i reckon, such a good show very funny too

badboy993246d ago

id two time those devils!