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Berserk Golden Age Arc 1-2 And 3 review- Outstanding Fantasy Anime-Spoiler Alert

"This has to be my top and favorite fantasy anime since the year 2000. The berserk anime has been out since the 90′ s however the manga and now the new films have reach a level of success in the anime industry that it is difficult to not hear its name. The story is deep, breath taking. You will feel Gut’s rage, anger and power. You will feel Griffiths dreams as he speaks of his goals. Griffiths eyes make even the viewers feel naked. Casca the ebony beauty and warrior struggling between the arms of both Griffith and Guts. So much better than the twilight story( well of course…its anime). So here we go ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to review all thee films that have been release in japan so far."

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