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Is Free! Just Fan Service?

Moar Powah takes a look at the highly debated swimming anime Free! by Kyoto Animation. Is it just fan service? Or is there more to it?

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koga883238d ago

It pretty much is exactly that, which is fine in the end considering there are multiple fan-service anime for guys, but don't try to bring that up to the fans of Free, they'll try to kill you for mentioning it to them.

Saviior953237d ago

Wow, judging an anime after 1 Episode, Well Played.

koga883237d ago

To be fair, that first episode had the fan-service equivalent of Highschool DxD New's first episode, minus having the guys' junk literally hanging out.

ExCest3237d ago

Well, if you know about the origins of this show, then it would make sense to argue that it was created for the sole purpose of fanservice.

Saviior953237d ago

No but what I mean is that people have seen one episode (which barely detailed anything) and have labelled it Fanservice.

judge2123237d ago

Just to be clear, this article argues it's not just fan service, just another slice of life sports anime.