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Trigger's Little Witch Academia 2 Meets Kickstarter Goal

ANN writes: "Anime Studio Trigger met its US$150,000 pledge goal for extending its tentatively titled Little Witch Academia 2 project on Tuesday, less than five hours after starting its Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

The studio had announced at Anime Expo on Friday that it would crowdfund the sequel to its Anime Mirai Little Witch Academia project. The sequel reunites the original staff, and they aim to finish the episode by winter 2014. (Trigger is working on another anime project, this fall's Kill la Kill television series.) Trigger already has the funds to create a 20-minute episode and plans to use the $150,000 in Kickstarter funds to add 15 minutes of run time.

Preliminary character designs and an introductory video are available on the campaign's webpage. Backing rewards include the second episode on Blu-ray, a printed art book, cuts from the film reel, Giclee prints, a signed script, and a trip to Studio Trigger headquarters. The campaign closes on August 7."

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