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Kei Kusunoki's Ogre Slayer Manga Returns

ANN writes: "The October issue of Leed Publishing's Sengoku Bushō Retsuden magazine, which will ship on August 26, will include a revival of Kei Kusunoki's Ogre Slayer (Onigirimaru) manga series called Onigirimaruden (Ogre Slayer Legend). Unlike the original series, which ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday from 1992 to 2001 and took place in the present day, Onigirimaruden will take place in the Sengoku (Warring States) period. The October issue will include a one-shot story, but serialization is still planned for future issues.

The story will be centered around the legend of Tadachika Gamoh, a real lord of Matsuyama Castle who was said to have arrested and killed pregnant women in his lands because he was jealous he could not produce a male heir.

The original series followed the story of a pure-blooded ogre who was born looking like a human. Instead of an ogre's horn, this child was born with a sword in hand called the "Onigirimaru" or Ogre Slayer. Believing that he will become human once all of his kind vanished from the world of humans, he sets out on his destiny to slay all of his kind.

Viz Media licensed the series and published the first two volumes in 1997 and 1998. The four-episode OAV adaptation premiered in 1994 and was also licensed by Viz Media."

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