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Finding Otaku Pride: A Nerd's Dilemma

My advice to people going through what I went through? You only (presumably) have one life to live, and if you spend it hiding who you truly are, you're essentially passing up on living it. And if you can't accept yourself as you are, who will? If being the cool kid means I have to spend time doing what I hate and being what I'm not, I think I'd rather just be a nerd playing Fire Emblem on One Tree Hill night, thank you very much. If you love being an otaku, go to to conventions, cosplay, join forums, get involved, talk about it with other people, watch your favorite shows, and most of all, simply love being the amazing, uncovered you!

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StockpileTom3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Well then, this has inspired me (for a limited time) to reveal myself, my actual image (as my avatar). I must say though the otaku is just another part of me. I usually keep those separate but whatever.

(For information control everything I do is very deliberate; those crafty enough to know how can easily find the other parts of me from this post... This is an age of information control. Know what you put out there and how it links together.)