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10 Anime Based on Video Games That Don't Suck

It seems that not every adaptation of a video game is atrocious.

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ExCest3227d ago

So visual novels count?

On a side note, screw ads. I ain't disabling my adblock to watch this.

paradiseandfaries3227d ago

i have a follow up list to this too

ExCest3227d ago

Ooo. That's good.

And sorry if I came off as rude but those ads are far too long, even with adblock disabled.

paradiseandfaries3227d ago

60 seconds is too long? keep in mind that i only get paid for my work by ad views, so everytime you watch one of my videos with ad block on, you're taking food out of my mouth. that applies to anyone who's online making videos for your enjoyment. we all count on that extra revenue in order to continue making videos. believe me, it ain't cheap. i beg you to consider thinking of those you're huting next time you run ad blocking software. still, thank you for watching the video and commenting. it does mean a lot to me.

RockmanII73227d ago

Fatal Fury movies
Street Fighter 2 movie
Tales of Symphonia OVA
Air/Kanon/Clannad (lol he called Clannad a hentai game)
Devil May Cry
Fate/Stay Night
Dante's Inferno

Ok, so this dude. Outside of calling Clannad a H game, he includes the Fate/Stay Night anime but not the Steins;Gate anime? Steins;Gate is considered one of the best anime ever, but nah it isn't worth a spot. Also if we're including movies you could also try to sneak Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children onto the list, and Gungrave is well loved series as well.

Baka-akaB3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Wow that's the list ? To each their own but Devil May Cry is mostly thought of as a mediocre anime . The action scenes are far and few between and when you do get to see them they're very short and anticlimatic. Not only that but Dante almost never uses his sword and never uses his devil trigger. Pretty much every battle is him dodging an enemy, firing his guns for five seconds, and then the fight is over.

Dante inferno doesnt deserve to be in any top list .

Xenosaga sucks compared to the game , despite the all star production committee .

How the hell those would get there over stuff like Persona 4 , Steins gate wich follow in spirit and design , and even soundtrack perfectly the game , while still being its own thing , is baffling

s45gr323226d ago

I have not played the steins gate game but the anime is just kickass.

r213227d ago

The Disgaea anime wasnt that great compared to the game IMO.

s45gr323226d ago

Stein Gate was not mentioned and Dante inferno film was decent at best. I am surprised Sword Art Online was not mentioned at all yes I know is not based on any game ; however, is a video game anime that does justice to mmo fans.

Lord_Sloth3226d ago

Fate/zero curb stomped /stay night (which is getter a remake by Ufotable). Still a great anime though.