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You Can Be “Touchy-Feely” With NPCs in Dragon’s Crown

Dragon’s Crown is quite well known the fact that it shows a lot of skin and exaggerated features, thing that got quite a lot of pundits on the war path. Just wait until they see this.

Looks like Vanillaware sneaked into the game a quite peculiar feature. When you meet certain NPCs as part of your adventures you can actually touch them in “strategic” locations and cause the obvious reactions.

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Varzoth3222d ago

That part of this otherwise-awesome looking game, looks stupid and pointless. The NPCs just do the same thing no matter what you do to them. So really why even bother putting it in the game at all?

blackmanone3222d ago

Because they're pandering to their demographic. Shame. I would have enjoyed this game but they decided to go the route of a 15 year old and it turned many off.

coolbeans3222d ago

Wait...that chick is secured by lock and chain while you get to touch her?


I'm not even sure what to say here.

KrimsonKody3222d ago

Good grief guys, it's an easter egg, of sorts.
Nothing meant to destroy the planet.

coolbeans3222d ago

Because of what little effect it has means we can't question its inclusion at all?

Krosis3222d ago

How very Japanese lol what button do I press to release the tentacle?