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Anime marathon postmortem: Psycho-Pass

I personally do this all the time, and I really shouldn’t as it weighs heavy on my psychological integrity and I am sure there is slight brain damage after, but here I am doing it again so why not write about it right? So enters Psycho-Pass, a twisted tale of a society that half way deals with and represses its people by controlling everything from you Jobs you take to the food you eat. Story elements can be basically summed up in the “anime Hannibal Lecter mixed with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”

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orange_DeathBerry3213d ago

I can't agree I think Psycho-Pass is by far one of the best series I've ever seen. Good characters (especially Makishima), very interesting story (the idea of the Sibyl-System is just amazing), fantastic animation, epic music, action, well though-out dialogues..the list goes on and on.

Yet I have to admit that if you watch it in a "marathon" without having to wait every week for a new episode (like me) the story may become sometimes a bit boring and confusing due to the - yes in fact - bad pacing. Some things were explained very or even too detailed where on the other hand I sometimes didn't get what was going on because things went on so quickly.

I would have also appreciated more explanation about how exactly the Sibyl-System works. Though I have to mention here that there've been some rumors going on about a sequel of the series. (It hasn't been confirmed yet what it's going to be wether a second season or a movie etc.) Maybe we'll get more information in the future - I really hope so.

mukyoucom3213d ago

Well i was not confused by it i actually found it rater interesting because they took the idea of psychology 101 and made it in to an anime. Sibyl-System is a prime example of it. If you really liked this anime you should defiantly check out some books on psychology cause you would love it.

as for Sibyl-System and how it works, I thought they over explained out it works. The brain is used like ram, and the memories as the data that regulates.