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“Final Fantasy is Dead”: That’s Quite an Ignorant Statement to Make

The slight increase of the size of Lightning's bra cups and some jiggle caused a disproportional backlash, causing even journalists to use the irrational sentence "Final Fantasy is dead."

But is final fantasy really dead? Maybe what's really dead is their ability to look at things objectively.

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Cybermario2358d ago

Don't agree with that argument either, but... would like to see Final Fantasy depart from XIII universe. Give me VII-2 or IX-2 or something completely new.

Lord_Sloth2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

^ What he said.

I'm just wanting to play XV but an end to the Genesis Saga would be nice. It was still never answered what he was preparing for, all we know is it will be after Dirge of Cerberus.

360ICE2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Oh, please no. I'd much rather just have a new FF universe. I don't trust the current Squarenix with handling what Squaresoft did back in the days.

'FF is dead' can be entirely subjective though. Not really that much of an ignorant statement or an "irrational statement" (What?) unless you try to make the point that the franchise is selling bad, which it isn't (a point the article makes). Artistically dead? Dead quality-wise? Mostly subjective. Even though the franchise certainly isn't, to a lot of people.

I don't think Final Fantasy handles complex, subtle themes anymore though. They're basically thrown right right at the player, usually by the main character (or in XIII-2, the narrator) explicitly saying the theme he or she wants to get through out loud.

For instance, in XIII-2, instead of having Noel be angry with Snow, leaving the player wondering why he would Joel would be upset with Snow, Joel basically says: "Snow I'm totally upset with you for the following reasons"

Dialogue is really awful at times, and I would agree that it's much worse than it's been earlier in the franchise. For instance, how many times can they end a sentence with the phrase "didn't you?".

Anyway, I still enjoyed XIII-2, so it's not dead to me, but it's not close to FFVII either.

Varzoth2357d ago

I have not cared about Final Fantasy since XII.

Tzuno2357d ago

XII was the last good ff and a very great game. love it

iliimaster2357d ago

this franchise has been dead for a whole generation now it has pandered to the twitch generation who can't seem to stomach turn based battle systems, and attack in real time running around swinging a sword when ur gauge is filled they abandoned me and everyone fan who stuck with the turned based battle system since final fantasy 1-10x2 if you guys want a real next gen final fantasy game its on the 360 called Lost Odyssey.

Tzuno2357d ago

well since the ps2 time truth to be told there is no good ff out there. they have to throw that shit called futuristic look and go back to the roots.