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The most popular female voice actresses – according to female anime fans


Saying that voice actresses are treated like pop stars in Japan is a bit of an understatement, since they are already pop stars in their own right. Not only are they voicing your favorite anime characters but they are also highly sought after by fans and do a lot of other things like concerts, personal appearances and sometimes figures are even made in their own likeness - just ask Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura.

Voice actresses have their own personal fan base and they often interact with fans either online through their own blogs or at live events.

However, the majority of a voice actress’s fan base is male.

Japanese anime website, Anime One has recently conducted an online poll asking only GIRLS who their favorite female voice actress or seiyuu is.

If you don’t see your favorite voice actresses in there, remember that this poll only asked for female respondents, not males. With a total of 7280 votes, here are the results:

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TNC_Niall3217d ago

Good to see Aya Hirano make it into this list :3